Colours of Slate Hearths

You’re either about to say “yes, that’s it” or “is that it?”

As we only currently import all our slate from Brazil the colour options are quite simple. There’s graphite or green. Yes, really, that’s it. It’s slate, you’re not getting a white one, sorry. Or pink. Or yellow. Just stop it now.

Graphite slate

The graphite is the most popular. It’s not really black and it’s not really grey, it’s a sort of dark charcoal colour, hence graphite.

The graphite slate will often have spectacular patterns on the surface. This is character and it makes each and every piece unique. However, sometimes this character might not be what you’re looking for, in which case……

In the same quarry as the graphite we do get limited slabs of what our Brazilian factory owner calls “absolute black”. This comes from certain sections at the top of the quarry. It’s darker, plainer and an equally very attractive slate.

Grey green slate

Also from Brazil is a grey slate, which is commonly regarded to be more green than grey. Put it against graphite and it looks green. On its own it’s more grey. To be fair, your writer here is partly colour blind so don’t trust him. Want grey/green? This could be the slate for you.