Your slate hearth questions answered

Why slate? You’ve Googled “slate hearth” right?

Our slate is imported direct from the largest natural slate manufacturer in Papagaio, Brazil, the owner of this company we have known for over twenty years.

You probably don’t remember this, but around 600 million years ago, sedimentary rock was deposited in lakes which were then subjected to immense heat and tectonic pressure. The virtually unique way Brazilian slate is formed allows it to be ideal for cutting into large, flat sheets of slate. Ideal for a hearth, if you will.

We regularly visit the factory and quarry, to drink Caipirinhas, dance to samba music and eat at a rather splendid churrascaria, sometimes we even talk about the slate. We’re fairly sure this sets us apart from other suppliers who are sensible and stay in the UK and import from a slate distributor. They probably don’t samba either.