Slate hearth shapes and designs

What slate hearth design do you want?

  • T Shaped
  • Rectangle (and no, a rectangle is NOT an oblong; if you want an oblong, ask)
  • Corner
  • Triangle
  • Corner with curve
  • Corner with semi circle
  • Teardrop
  • Cow shaped
  • Wellington boot shaped
  • Other boot shapes are available
  • Go on, we dare you, ask for cow shaped hearth….

Corner slate hearths

You want a corner, curve or teardrop? No problem, we do this too.

We just need to know the dimensions of the two straight edges back into the corner and if you want, the length from the back of the corner to the edge of the curve. We’ll then decide whether to let you know if it will work. Or look ridiculous. The choice is yours, you are the customer and you are always right. Allegedly.

Other shapes